Driven Piling

Driven piles are the most common and generally most cost-effective type of deep foundation. Beaty Construction installs driven steel structural shapes (W and HP shapes) and shell or pipe piles, as well as timber piling. These types of piles are generally installed using crane mounted impact or vibratory hammers.

Alcoa CSM

Project Location: Newburgh, IN
Owner: Alcoa Warrick Operations
Architect/Engineer: Project Associates
Completion Year: 2019

  • 46 each low head room interior piles
  • 54 each exterior limited access piles
  • 150 each sheet piles

Fukai Toyotetsu Indiana Corporation (FTIC) Expansion

Project Location: Jamestown, IN
Owner: Fukai Toyotetsu Indiana Corporation
Architect/Engineer: Axis/Alberts Engineering
Completion Year:  2017

  • 225 ea PZC26 Sheet Piles @ 45’ in Length
  • 76 ea tiebacks
  • 100 ea driven h-piles

Honda Stamping

Project Location: Greensburg, IN
Owner: Honda
Architect/Engineer: Project Associates
Completion Year: 2018

  • 160 each driven piles