Bridge & Roadway Construction

Beaty Construction specializes in all aspects of new bridge construction and existing bridge reconstruction including structural concrete, beam setting, foundations, piling, MSE walls, dirt work, water line, sewer and storm pipe installation, cofferdams, earth retention, demolition, concrete pavement, barrier wall and overlays.

I-70 over 641 | IR-30091

Project Location: Terre Haute, Vigo County, IN
Owner: INDOT
Contract Value: $48.4 million
Completion Year: 2018

  • Four bridge structures
  • 6 miles of roadway
  • 500,000 CY of earthwork performed

I-65 over Keystone | B-41900

Project Location: I-65 over Keystone
Owner: INDOT
Contract Value: $10 million
Completion Year: 2020

  • Two bridge structures
  • 19,000 SF of MSE Wall
  • 21,000 CY of structural backfill

Lowes Way | R-39738

Project Location: Lowes Way Phase II, Carmel, IN
Owner: INDOT LPA with Hamilton Co.
Contract Value: $6.4 million
Completion Year: 2020

  • 17,000 SF of MSE Wall
  • 11,000 CY of structural backfill
  • 6,000 CY of common excavation