Tieback Retention

If the depth of excavation near the retention is anticipated to exceed about 15 vertical feet, it is usually cost-effective to use ground anchors or structural bracing to minimize the required strength (and cost) of the piling elements used in the retention design.  Tiebacks can be installed to add additional capacity to a variety of earth retention systems, instead of a cantilevered wall.  Tiebacks are drilled horizontally at an angle and consist of a grouted steel element that is stressed and locked-off at design load.

FEDEX GSE Staging and Tug Road Expansion

Project Location: Indianapolis, IN
Owner: Federal Express
Architect/Engineer: CHA
Completion Year: 2018

  • 256 ea- Drilled in H-Piles
  • 215 ea – permanent tiebacks
  • 26,000 SF of lagging installation

St. Vincent Pacers Practice Facility

Project Location: Indianapolis, IN
Owner: Indiana Pacers
Architect/Engineer: Ratio Architects
Completion Year: 2016

  • 88 each tiebacks (30’ to 50’ long)
  • 50 each H piles (50’ long)
  • 14,000 SF piling and lagging retention

Port of Indiana- Jeffersonville Bulk Terminal

Project Location: Jeffersonville, IN
Owner: Port of Indiana
Completion Year: 2020

  • 38 ea- Drilled in piles
  • 48 ea – permanent tiebacks @ 75’ in length
  • 8,000 SF of lagging installation