Sheet Piling

Sheet pile walls are typically used to retain soft, loose or wet soils (or even water) or where there is a need to control water inflow into the excavation.

Fukai Toyotetsu Indiana Corporation (FTIC) Expansion

Project Location: Jamestown, IN
Owner: Fukai Toyotetsu Indiana Corporation
Architect/Engineer: Axis/Alberts Engineering
Completion Year: 2017

  • 225 ea PZC26 Sheet Piles @ 45’ in Length
  • 76 ea tiebacks
  • 100 ea driven h-piles

Memorial Island at Columbian Park

Project Location: Lafayette, IN
Owner: City of Lafayette
Architect/Engineer: Keystone Architects/Context Design/V3 Companies
Completion Year: 2020

  • 200 each sheet piles

Rise at Chauncey

Project Location: West Lafayette, IN
Completion Year: 2018

  • 275 ea permanent PZC-18 Sheet Piles @ 40’ – 50’ in length
  • 120 ea tiebacks
  • 2500 SF temporary h-pile/lagging earth retention