Helical Piers

Helical piers are steel elements consisting of solid or hollow posts with one or more levels of helical flights attached to the tip. This type of foundation is drilled in to the required depth, adding additional post sections as required. Since helical piers are entirely made of steel, they may be placed into service immediately. Unlike driven piles, the installation method does not produce large vibrations.

Cummins SMC Taurus

Project Location: Seymour, Indiana
Owner: Cummins Corporation
Architect/Engineer: TLF
Completion Year: 2020

  • 35 EA 5.5” dia helical piers
  • 50 ea sheet piles
  • Helical Pier Axial Load Testing

IAA Bus Bay

Project Location: Indianapolis, IN
Owner: Indianapolis Airport Authority
Architect/Engineer: Cripe/McComas Engineering
Completion Year: 2019

  • 40 EA- 50 kip helical piers @ 25’ in length
  • Helical Pier Axial Load Testing

Liberty Landfill Gas Plant

Project Location: Monticello, IN
Owner: Wabash Valley Power Association
Architect/Engineer: Blackline Studio
Completion Year: 2017

  • 48 EA- helical piers
  • 12 EA – Concrete Pier Caps F/P/W
  • 12 EA- Fabrication/Erection of structural steel towers