Augered Cast-in-Place Piles

Augered Cast-in-Place piles – also simply known as “augercast” piles – are concrete piles that are installed by drilling into the soil using a continuous auger with a hollow stem. When the auger reached the desired tip elevation, the tool is withdrawn as structural grout is pumped through the hollow stem. This method of construction permits concrete piles to be installed in soft, loose and wet soils without having to use casings – or producing large vibrations.

Banks Phase 3B

Project Location: Cincinnati, OH
Owner: Hamilton County Ohio
Architect/Engineer: THP Limited
Completion Year: 2019

  • 700 augercast piles up to 75’ in length

Magnetation Pellet Plant

Project Location: Reynolds, IN
Owner: Magnetation LLC
Completion Year: 2013
% Self-Performed Work:. 100%

  • 1,200 EA – 18” Diameter Auger Cast Piles
  • 350 EA – 24” Diameter Auger Cast Piles
  • 800 EA – 14” Driven H Piles Averaging 90’ in Length

St. Vincent Pacers Practice Facility

Project Location: Indianapolis, IN
Owner: Indiana Pacers
Architect/Engineer: Ratio Architects
Completion Year: 2016

  • 350 each 18” diameter augercast piles up to 51’ deep