Soil Nail and Shotcrete Retention

Soil nails are drilled and grouted steel elements that are installed to reinforce existing soil as it is excavated in lifts.  Soil nail spacing is controlled by the allowable depth of each lift, which is driven by soil conditions.  After soil nails are installed at each lift a drainage system and reinforced shotcrete facing are installed over the nails.  This process continues until the desired excavation depth is achieved.

INDOT R-38541

Project Location: SR13/I69 Pendleton
Project Type: Soil Nail/Shotcrete Retention
Owner: INDOT
Original Contract Completion Date: 12/19

  • 3500 SF of finished shotcrete facing.
  • 121 EA soil nails

INDOT R-33238

Project Location: Brown County, IN
Owner: INDOT
Engineer: Lochmueller Group
Completion Year: 2018

  • 3,800 SF of shotcrete facing.
  • 168 EA soil nails